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31 May 2003 @ 12:41 am
Watching TV and Painting My Nails | Boredom  
Just a warning: very uninteresting entry ahead. I'm quite bored, so I'm sure I won't be able to come up with anything entertaining.

I've spent the night since...oh, close to 10pm watching TV and painting my nails. While You Were Out is really such a fun show. I was just absolutely envious of the room in the second episode, and I found it so appropriate that the wife it was done for started crying when she saw it. Seriously, I would probably cry too. It was done in a Thai style in honor of their honeymoon. I truly believe that I would have gotten misty-eyed if it was my room, and I don't even have that sentimentality to attach to it. It was just that gorgeous. *want want want*

So now my nails are a nice pretty clear with lots of pinkish-silver sparkles. *admires* I love how my nails look when I paint them. Very neat and pretty. And I love this nail polish. Shimmery/sparkly/shiny nail polish is my friend. ;P

*sigh* Bored bored bored...

If it wasn't Friday, Inu-Yasha would be on, and the last thing I'd be feeling right now is boredom. I would be watching it and feeling all romantic and sweet and mushy. Adult Swim really needs to be on Fridays, too. And Saturdays. And it shouldn't have abnormal programming on Sundays. Four episodes each week is just not enough Inu-Yasha for me. Not when there's around 100 episodes and I've only seen about...oh...20? 25? I need more money so I can get more of the DVDs.

I think I'll plague the world with this awful entry and make it public for once.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Cowboy Bebop - Tank !
Scott Kskreidle on May 30th, 2003 10:58 pm (UTC)
In that case, I'll just say "Oo! Shiny!" about the nails, and commiserate vicariously about Adult Swim because I don't have cable. ;)
Bobellbopoe on May 31st, 2003 08:50 am (UTC)
wow...I haven't seen one of ur posts in what feels like years...
Melodycomeseptember on May 31st, 2003 08:44 pm (UTC)
Probably not since the whole strip club thing...
nobnoxiousfem on June 11th, 2003 08:30 pm (UTC)
~!! I hate that about Adult Swim. However, I have InuYasha DVDs, so I can watch it whenever I want. ^_^;;;; I love that show. I'm tired of Cowboy Bebop being aired about a thousand times. It's a great show, but it's been overplayed... and who wants that? The dubs suck, though. :\ Bah :(

Hi, Melody. ^_^ Just a bit late in commenting. ^_^;;;;;;;

Melody: magiccomeseptember on June 12th, 2003 08:03 am (UTC)
I have just the first DVD now. XP So I look forward to watching it every day. :) And I think the reason Cowboy Bebop seems overplayed is because there's only one season of it, so if they're going to air it every night, they'll have gone through all the episodes in a little over a month each time. Inu-Yasha has (I think) over 100 episodes, so it's a bit more difficult to do a complete run-through of the series. ;P

Hi hi. :) Thanks for stopping by! (I just added you to my friends list. ;P)
nobnoxiousfem on June 13th, 2003 05:17 pm (UTC)
!!! There is over 100 episodes~! I absolutely love InuYasha. ^_^;;; Adding you to my friends list soon~.

Cowboy Bebop needs more than just that one season (it's actually 2, since there are 26 episodes -- 13 episodes is one season). Adult Swim just needs to find a new anime. ^^;
Melody: bunneh eyecomeseptember on June 14th, 2003 03:06 am (UTC)
Hee! Inu-Yasha really is an amazing show! :D *wants more of the DVDs*

I didn't know that a season was only 13 episodes. O.o I thought it was usually something around 25... :/
nobnoxiousfem on June 14th, 2003 09:04 pm (UTC)
It's odd, isn't it? My boyfriend had to tell me that. ^^;;;